Who we are

Mission, values & beliefs

Our mission statement is simple: “To follow the way of Jesus as a community of calling, cause, and creativity.”  

Our values include being outwardly-focused, embracing diversity, utilizing practice-based spiritual formation, and doing so in the context of what we call “generative creativity” — believing that creativity generates spiritual exploration. We believe that the church should be a leader in out-of-the-box thinking.

Our doctrinal beliefs include a high view of scripture, and align with those of our denominational affiliation (Free Methodist Church, USA).   

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Why Reimagine?

The church in America is shrinking, only one in four Americans is a practicing Christian and the pandemic has only increased the desire for churches to adapt to a new operating system in order to provide the community with new opportunities. Which is why we, at Reimagine Church, have developed a new and hybrid way to reach our community and serve their needs.

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How We're Different

We view our structure as a 3-legged stool. All the legs work together to build a foundation that can support our community and offer direction. 

  • It all begins with 15 minute digitally delivered "chapters" each week directly to your inbox. 

  • Sunday Brunch is where 20-25 community members gather over brunch to experience a creative "liturgy" package together.

  • The third leg of our new structure is one-on-one coaching that will be a hybrid of classic discipleship and spiritual direction.

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Our media gallery digital is a space to re-watch, catch up, and gather resources for our community. 

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