Dr. David Cobia

David has led in churches from church plants to over 2500 people in Amsterdam, the NYC area, the San Francisco Bay area, and in Los Angeles.  He is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Evangelical Christianity and is known for a focus on spiritual formation and for developing creative and outwardly-focused churches that engage the mindset of people who are typically skeptical about church.

David is married to Dee Cobia, an educator, curriculum development specialist, and children’s ministry consultant. They have three adult children. They love indie music, binge watch good TV shows, and are the harried owners of a handicapped border collie that is a celebrity in the neighborhood because of her daily doggie wheelchair walks.

Austin Haver-Hill

Austin was born and raised in Pasadena and grew up attending Pasadena Covenant Church. He has always had a love for music and has led music in churches since high school. In college, where he studied music, he was also a leader in the Cal State Northridge Intervarsity group and during that time learned to make his faith his own. In 2019, he got married and moved back to Pasadena where he now lives with his wife, Katy, and cat, Charlie. During the week, he works full-time at a music licensing company clearing music for film and TV, but he's planning on going back to school soon to pursue an MDiv.